At *Ghosti-con you will learn about Neo-Pagan topics in a relaxed classroom setting.
Celebrate through Ritual and Unity
Fellowship of a festival... comfort of a hotel.

Announcing *Ghosti-Con 2017



Tear of the Cloud Grove, ADF is proud to present:

*Ghosti-con!  The festival of reciprocity.

*Ghosti-con is the first hotel based festival for ADF and is open to everyone, not only ADF members.  The idea behind making this a hotel convention is to make it more accessible to everyone, especially those that can't or won't camp for whatever reason.  Our hotel is conviently located near the Albany Airport, and the members of the grove are able to provide shuttle service between the hotel and the bus or train stations if requested.

Our featured guest this year is Archdruid Emeritus Rev. Skip Ellison.

Hotel Information

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Hotel Location

Best Western, Albany Airport Inn
200 Wolf Road
Albany, NY 12205
United States



            My name is Skip Ellison.  I’m currently an Archdruid Emeritus of Ár nDraíocht Féin (ADF).  I was elected to position of Archdruid in May of 2001, and served until May of 2010, completing my nine years of service in that post.

            I started in the Neopagan movement when I was initiated into a Celtic Traditional Wiccan coven in 1982.  I worked with the coven in several positions and then in the fall of 1990, had the opportunity to attend a workshop presented by Isaac Bonewits on ADF.  His workshop interested me enough about ADF that I joined the organization soon after


retired owner of Evenmore Gardens in Canaan, NH

Niniann has been an herbalist for fifty years, and has had a special relationship with plant spirits since she was a child. She follows the wise woman tradition of healing learned from her grandmother combined with a life of growing herbs, studying folk medicine, and an interest in all the latest research on herbal medicine. She lives at Evenmore Gardens on 14 spirit filled acres in the woods of New Hampshire. She is a community herbalist giving tours of her herb, native plant, and wildflower gardens, making herbal tonics and teas for those in


Rev. Robb Lewis has been with ADF and a practicing pagan since 1999, and is currently focusing on giving back to the community through various oracular and divinatory practices. He has also has started to focus on international relations and working on promoting inclusive Heathenry.


Gretchen Persbacker has been a member of ADF since 2000 and is a former senior druid of Tear of the Cloud Grove.  She is also a member of the ADF Artisans Guild.

Gretchen has a bachelor\'s degree in Landscape Architecture and has been fascinated by the plant kingdom since childhood.  She and her husband, Chris, live in a cozy house surrounded by oak trees.  They share their home with their cat, Samantha, their dog, Dakota, and often host Dakota\'s friend, Molly, and they try to keep the dust bunny population under control.


Kathleen joined ADF in 2008 and became a member of the clergy in 2012. She’s held a variety of leadership positions in ADF, starting out as a Grove Organizer in 2009, and becoming the coordinator for the Children and Parenting SIG and a DP Reviewer in 2010. Her Protogrove became a Grove later in 2010 and she served as the Senior Druid from 2010 to 2013 and again from 2016 until the present.

In the spring of 2012, she took on the role of DP Preceptor and started her work as a CTP Reviewer. From 2013-2015 she was an Officer of the Clergy Council and became a Consecrated Priest in 2014. She


Jennifer Sternfeld is the owner of Dinner Vacations Personal Chef Service, founded in 2001.  She is a traveling chef based out of Schenectady as well as a party planner and educator, specializing in world cuisine and regional food ways.  Jen is a frequent organizer and volunteer at local sci-fi and fantasy conventions, where she spends most of her time feeding the hungry hordes of guests and attendees.  Jen is also an avid wine enthusiast, with a fondness for canning, pickling and the crafting of bitters and liquors from blends of local plants and exotic spices.


Brigid, she is everywhere


In this workshop we will be covering the omnipresence of Brigid and how we work with her.

Crafting Your Own Herbal Incense for Devotional Offerings


Offering incense in rituals to honor the gods has a long and ancient history. In this workshop you will learn some of the lore of herbs used in making incense, and everyone will get to participate in blending with intent, and blessing an offertory incense to take home.

Creating Accessible Rituals


The ADF Constitution states that ADF is dedicated to open, inclusionary, and public ceremonies.  This workshop will explore what it means to be inclusionary in the context of a ritual, with some examples of inclusionary practices as well as discussion to foster a better understanding of what inclusion looks like and brainstorm ideas.  While a portion of the workshop will focus on inclusionary practices for participants with disabilities, other aspects of inclusion will also be discussed. 

Know Thy Self


One of the most basic skills anyone that uses trance needs is knowledge of themselves.  We all forget this or overlook it from time to time.  With this workshop we will be discussing why we should forge a relationship with ourselves, discuss ways to do make and maintain this relationship, and do a couple exercises to get us started

Putting The Whimsical In Ritual



Some can be simple and some can be complex. Some can be light, some dark and some intense.

They can also be whimiscal, fun and different while still achieving desired results and may be more serious than their appearance. Join in and learn about putting the whimiscal in ritual!

The Drunken Botanist


As Druids, we hold the nature spirits in great reverence.  And many of us also hold high regard for a different kind of "spirits".  But how often do we contemplate the relationship between the two?

In her book, "The Drunken Botanist", Amy Stewart explores the world of wine, beer and cocktails from a horticultural perspective.  Inspired by her book, we will present an overview of some of the most flavorful contributions of the plant world, from the humble potato to the more exotic star anise.

During this workshop, you will have the opportunity to learn how to make home made bitters and

The Fairy Races of the British Isles


Everyone has heard about the Brownies, but here is your chance to find out about the other Fairy races of the British Isles. We will explore each of the areas in the Isles, and talk about the races of fairies found in their folklore.

The Significance of Food and Drink to the Indo-Europeans (IE’s)


Feasting and drinking were very important to the IE people. This workshop explores some of the customs associated with IE feasts and holidays. It includes customs for both small and large gatherings.

Welcome the Sun


We will start the day off with doing a short daily devotional to welcome the sun of the spring into our day and into our lives.

Wicked Plants


This will be a discussion on the less wholesome aspects of the plant world.  Amy Stewart's book "Wicked Plants" is the inspiration for this workshop on toxins, poisons, and plants that misbehave.


Closing Ritual

This is our closing ritual to thank all those that have aided us throughout the festival and bring protection to all on their travels home.

Friday Night Ritual - Let There Be Dragons

“The dragon is wise beyond it's years

It sets no limits and faces all fears

The dragon is powerful in body and mind

Is true to it's heart and true to it's kind

The dragon is just and fights for what's right

To all who encounter it, their lives are made bright

The traits of the dragon we should all embrace

And together we'll make the world a better place.”

Join in and welcome these mighty and wise creatures to our fire for a special dragon themed ritual. On this night we respectfully enter their realm to offer friendship and ghosti and share in their ancient wisdom, power and magick.

Opening Ritual

This is the opening ritual for the festival.  As part of the ritual, we will be doing trance work to meet a being special to the Grove.

Oracular Seidhr

Oracular Seidhr is a Norse ritual where a seer goes into a deep trance and retrieves answers to your questions.  Join us for one of these rituals and get advice from the otherworlds.

Unity Ritual

We will be doing a unity ritual.  The idea behind this is we call on all the Groves, Proto-Groves, Prison Worship Groups, and Solitary members to celebrate and bring unity of purpose to all those in ADF through the pouring of waters and the lighting of flames.

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