At *Ghosti-con you will learn about Neo-Pagan topics in a relaxed classroom setting.
Celebrate through Ritual and Unity
Fellowship of a festival... comfort of a hotel.

Announcing *Ghosti-Con 2019



Tear of the Cloud Grove, ADF is proud to present:

*Ghosti-con! The festival of reciprocity.

*Ghosti-con is the first hotel based festival for ADF and is open to everyone, not only ADF members. The idea behind making this a hotel convention is to make it more accessible to everyone, especially those that can't or won't camp for whatever reason. Our hotel is conveniently located near the Albany Airport, and the members of the grove are able to provide shuttle service between the hotel and the bus or train stations if requested.

Our featured guest this year is Rev. Caryn MacLuan. Rev Caryn MacLuan has been a pagan since the mid 70s, a leader in CedarLight Grove and ADF since 1999. She has been both a priest and the chair of the Grove Coordinating Committee since 2003. She is a retired Coast Guard officer with 21 years of service and has used her leadership, public affairs, motivational training in service of ADF and in other local pagan groups. She is also very involved in different types of healing modalities with master certifications in Reiki and herbalism and has a graduate certificate in herbalism.


Hotel Location

Ramada Plaza Albany
3 Watervilet Ave Ext
Albany, NY 12206
United States



I am Rev. Caryn MacLuan.  I have been a leader in ADF via CedarLight Grove since 2000, a priest serving my grove and ADF since 2003.  I’ve been pagan since the mid-1970s.  I am a retired Coast Guard officer with 21 years of service and I have used my leadership, public affairs, motivational training in service in both in ADF and in various other pagan/heathen groups, festivals and conferences.  Over the years, I have taught workshops on leadership, considerations in buying land and building temples, hands on healing techniques and Reiki, ogham, runes, magic, and most recently the I-E history


Rev. Robb Lewis has been with ADF and a practicing pagan since 1999, and is currently focusing on giving back to the community through various oracular and divinatory practices. He has also has started to focus on international relations and working on promoting inclusive Heathenry.


Jenne Micale is a writer, singer, priestess and musician whose endeavors include the ethereal/wyrd folk project Kwannon and, in former times, the wyrd folk band Belladonna Bouquet. A former initiate of the Henge of Keltria, she won the 2009 DANAC Golden Oak Award for best Druidical essay, and has published articles and poetry in a variety of publications. She is currently Bard of the ADF Protogrove of the Three Gorges. Listen to her music at


Sinann Patricia has been a member of Stone Creed Grove in Cleveland, Ohio for 13 years, where she has served as Hospitality Coordinator, as a Wellspring organizer, a ritual officiant, and most recently as Grove Secretary. She is a single mother of a gorgeous, brilliant little girl, Honnora, who also happens to have some significant disabilities. Sinann has served as a Parent Disability Representative on the Ohio State Support Team for her educational district and has been a passionate disability advocate in many other avenues of life. Sinann was also seen fit to be graced with some life


Gretchen Persbacker has been a member of ADF since 2000 and is a former senior druid of Tear of the Cloud Grove.  She is also a member of the ADF Artisans Guild.

Gretchen has a bachelor\'s degree in Landscape Architecture and has been fascinated by the plant kingdom since childhood.  She and her husband, Chris, live in a cozy house surrounded by oak trees.  They share their home with their cat, Samantha, their dog, Dakota, and often host Dakota\'s friend, Molly, and they try to keep the dust bunny population under control.


Jennifer Sternfeld is the owner of Dinner Vacations Personal Chef Service, founded in 2001.  She is a traveling chef based out of Schenectady as well as a party planner and educator, specializing in world cuisine and regional food ways.  Jen is a frequent organizer and volunteer at local sci-fi and fantasy conventions, where she spends most of her time feeding the hungry hordes of guests and attendees.  Jen is also an avid wine enthusiast, with a fondness for canning, pickling and the crafting of bitters and liquors from blends of local plants and exotic spices.


Aonghus Og


Sword, harp and singing bird: Learn about the Irish god Aonghus Og, trickster and lover, brother of Brighid. A discussion will be followed by a trance meditation for the season that honors him and his beloved, Caer Ibormeith

Consent Roundtable


With the prevelence of the #MeToo and #TimesUp movements over the past year, and the multiple "scandals" in the news centered around sexual misconduct and a lack of consent, we will spend the time discussing what consent is, and how it relates to Neo-Paganism in general, and our personal practices.

Outsiders in the Ancient Indo-European World


We've heard about 'those who warred against the gods'. We understand the concept of 'those who would do us harm' both in an ancient and in a modern context.  What about everybody else who lived outside of the circles of civilization, however large or small, in the ancient world?  Who were they?  Were they all outlaws and raiders?  Was there a purpose for some folks to live on the outside?  Was it a place for those who did not fit into other social norms?  This workshop will explore these and other things and we shall see what answers we can come up with.

Pocket Magic - Crafting Medicine Bags


We all could use a little more magic in our daily lives, especially the kind that uplifts, supports and encourages. 

In this workshop, we will create "medicine bags" that can be tucked into a purse, a pocket, or a desk drawer to provide a touchstone for those times when we need it most.

Each person will select and embellish a small pouch, then add a selection of small tokens and symbolic items that we will charge with energy and intent.  Feel free to bring items that hold special meaning for you.  Though we will tie the bags closed, they are intended to be changeable as your needs change

Protection Magic: Why, When, How


People come to me all the time to ask about this.  There are all kinds of reasons that the energy is really ‘off’ in your home, or that one might sense a ‘presence’, or that things seem to be going wrong in succession, or that one is hearing/seeing/smelling strange things.  We are going to discuss some of the causes for such things, some of the symptoms, how to diagnose what you’re dealing with, and some basic strategies to start with.  Then we will discuss what happens when none of that worked.  Bring your stories and especially the things that worked in your situation.  I have a lot of

Ritual Inclusion for Persons with Special Needs


This will be- you guessed it- a discussion of how to better include individuals with special needs in rituals. We will discuss how to provide a nurturing, inclusive environment. Examples of little ways to include the persons with special needs (often, a little goes a long way!) will be given, along with discussion of what to say, and what NOT to say. We will talk about how to remain approachable as a ritual team so that the family and caregivers feel that they can come to you with concerns. 

Additionally, I will discuss conflict resolution when an issue does arise. Other little tidbits such

Stitch and B**ch - Craft hour


Are you a crafter?  Did you start something during the "Pocket Magic - Crafting Medicine Bags" and want to finish it, or make another one?  What about knitting, crocheting, tatting, embroidery, or some other craft?  Come and join us as we dedicate some time to our crafts.  We ask that if you are a crafter, you be willing to share what you're working on and answer questions on how to do your craft.  If you are not a crafter but want to learn, we will do what we can to be your enabler, errr.... get you started.

The Drunken Botanist


As Druids, we hold the nature spirits in great reverence.  And many of us also hold high regard for a different kind of "spirits".  But how often do we contemplate the relationship between the two?

In her book, "The Drunken Botanist", Amy Stewart explores the world of wine, beer and cocktails from a horticultural perspective.  Inspired by her book, we will present an overview of some of the most flavorful contributions of the plant world, from the humble potato to the more exotic star anise.

During this workshop, you will have the opportunity to learn how to make home made bitters and

Truffle Making


Chocolate is a gift from the gods. Come celebrate with us in a hands on Truffle Making class.

In this class learn basic truffle recipes, mixtures and fun add ins for easy gifts, fancy desserts and personal or devotional consumption.  Please come ready to roll with clean hands, no lotions or perfumes please.

If you have dairy or nut allergies we will have another round dessert for you to work with, just let us know!


Closing Ritual

This is our closing ritual to thank all those that have aided us throughout the festival and bring protection to all on their travels home.

Nature Spirits Ritual

Our main ritual this year will be to celebrate and commune with the nature spirits, be they animal, plant, or the unseen.  Bring offerings to the Nature Spirits and be prepared to spend time celebrating them.  This ritual will also be attempted to be simulcast via Facebook.  Tune in to Rev. Robert Lewis' feed to see the video.

Opening Ritual

This is the opening ritual for the festival.  As part of the ritual, we will be doing trance work to meet a being special to the Grove.

Oracular Seidhr

Oracular Seidhr is a Norse ritual where a seer goes into a deep trance and retrieves answers to your questions. Join us for one of these rituals and get advice from the otherworlds

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