Altar-ed State: Creating portable, sacred spaces


In this workshop, we walk through several scenarios that question how we create sacred space to honor the Gods. Sometimes, our circumstances involve creating an altar on a fixed or small income or creating a simple set that can travel with you; together, we can discuss and create ways to keep piety and give ourselves a sense of sacred space.

This is an interactive workshop where participants will have the chance to discuss and share their experiences with creating spaces to work and worship. There will be materials provided including small boxes to begin creating their own portable altar, complete with a small World Tree and other pieces to fill out their cosmology. We will end the workshop with a quick blessing over our constructed altar kits.

I recommend that folks bring along an LED tealight if they wish to use one to represent the fire. Many hotels will not/do not allow for candles in rooms. Additionally, if folks have anything that they would like to bring (I have stones, shells, and other decorative items) to flesh out their kits, they may.