Fire, Wellness, Tree - Mindful Nutrition on a Druid Path


As we journey on our druidic path we choose to honor the kindred in many ways. One of the most personal is honoring them by taking better care of ourselves mentally and physically. A path to wellness is not an easy one but one which is well worth it.

Thoughts and decisions from our minds helps fuel our physical bodies. Nutritional wellness is a journey, often taking its toll on one both physically and emotionally. Strong food cravings can often sabotage ones efforts to fuel our bodies properly and improve overall health. Either consciously or subconsciously people often find themselves turning to food for comfort, coping and occupation

This workshop will introduce the concept of mindful eating and the difference between mindless and mindful choices.Through making positive decisions in relation to food we can gain momentum as we walk in the light of the Earth Mother and our Gods and Ancestors, honoring them and fostering wellness by improving our health.