Oracular Seidhr


So you have questions about the future you want answered?  What about questions of ancestors or deities?  Come to the oracular seidhr and get your chance to ask your questions and get an answer.

General Guidelines:

  • Any question is a fair question to ask, the more sepcific your question, the better the answer.  Be sure you want an answer though.
  • Questions of other beings (Ancestors and Deities) are allowed
    • Ancestors should be deceased for at least 1 year
    • I may not be able to find requested being, or they may not want to talk to you, no guarentees
    • Remember their answers are what they want to tell you, not the truth and not what you need to know.
  • Answers will be of three varieties:
    • Description of what I am experiencing
    • Paraphrase of the converation I am having with another being
    • Possession of me and talking to you directly.
  • We practice personal responsibility, if you are not sure of an answer, get a second opinion, please.
  • This can raise emotions and bring to the surface things that can be painful.  If you are not fully yourself by the end of the ritual, we will work with you to get you back to your normal.