Crafting Devotional Objects


When something is used for ritual and devotional purposes, it becomes sacred.  The stronger the association with spiritual activity, the more powerful the object.  One way to imbue something with power is to craft it with intention.  ADF Artisans create such objects fairly often, but for those who doubt their own artistic skills, crafting one's own ritual tools can seem out of reach. However, most people greatly underestimate their own abilities, and only need a little direction and assistance to unlock their creativity and make something uniquely their own.

In this workshop, you will have a chance to craft one of three devotional objects: a twisted wire world tree, a set of personalized prayer beads, or a piece of ritual jewelry (necklace or bracelet).  During the workshop period, there will be demonstrations and hands-on assistance as needed.  Throughout the remainder of the convention, materials, tools and instructions will be available in a dedicated craft room adjacent to the hospitality suite so that you can continue to work on your project without being pressured to finish in a limited timeframe.

Supplies for these projects will be provided.  However, participants are encouraged to bring their own talismans or objects of personal significance to incorporate into their creations.

If you have any questions about this workshop prior to the convention, please contact us.