Pocket Magic - Crafting Medicine Bags


We all could use a little more magic in our daily lives, especially the kind that uplifts, supports and encourages. 

In this workshop, we will create "medicine bags" that can be tucked into a purse, a pocket, or a desk drawer to provide a touchstone for those times when we need it most.

Each person will select and embellish a small pouch, then add a selection of small tokens and symbolic items that we will charge with energy and intent.  Feel free to bring items that hold special meaning for you.  Though we will tie the bags closed, they are intended to be changeable as your needs change, so they can be opened and closed at any time to remove or add items as needed.

This workshop will also serve as the opening of a "craft corner" where some basic craft supplies will be kept for those who may want to "keep their hands busy" throughout the convention.