Ritual Inclusion for Persons with Special Needs


This will be- you guessed it- a discussion of how to better include individuals with special needs in rituals. We will discuss how to provide a nurturing, inclusive environment. Examples of little ways to include the persons with special needs (often, a little goes a long way!) will be given, along with discussion of what to say, and what NOT to say. We will talk about how to remain approachable as a ritual team so that the family and caregivers feel that they can come to you with concerns. 

Additionally, I will discuss conflict resolution when an issue does arise. Other little tidbits such as an explanation of caregiver burnout and how it affects caregivers, how to recognize the signs and adjust communications with them appropriately, and updated correct terminologies used in the disability field will be scattered intermittently throughout, to provide a window into the world of people living with and caring for people with special needs and disabilities.