Unity Ritual

We will be doing a unity ritual.  The idea behind this is we call on all the Groves, Proto-Groves, Prison Worship Groups, and Solitary members to celebrate and bring unity of purpose to all those in ADF through the pouring of waters and the lighting of flames.

Main Ritual

Come and celebrate with us as we honor the land spirits in their time of weakening.  We will also take time to remember A. J. Gooch, and make offerings to the ancestors to ask they accept him as one of their own.  There will also be the elevation of Rev. Robert Lewis to a Senior Priest of ADF.  Personal praise offerings for the ritual are encouraged.

Oracular Seidhr

So you have questions about the future you want answered?  What about questions of ancestors or deities?  Come to the oracular seidhr and get your chance to ask your questions and get an answer.

General Guidelines: