Trance Basics

Do you have trouble trancing? Not sure if you are trancing? Want to brush up on your trance skills? This workshop is focused on how to get yourself working with trance and will be exercise heavy.

Sacred Gifts

Unlike the Abrahamic faiths, ancient Indo-European religion was based on reciprocity - do ut des, I give so that you may give. This workshop will examine the concept of reciprocity as well as the evidence for reciprocal relationships between the Gods and the people in ancient writings from Ireland to India and many places in between. We will also explore how these ancient practices may apply to us in the modern day as we re-imagine and recreate our Paganisms today.

Indo-European Sacred Drink

Central to the ritual and mythology of the Indo-Europeans was a sacred drink, ranging from the ale of sovereignty and mead of inspiration of northwest Europe to the soma of India.  This workshop will present the evidence from the different Indo-European traditions, speculate on what an original drink and ritual would have been like, and make suggestions for how such a drink and ritual can be incorporated into modern practice.

Wicked Plants

This will be a discussion on the less wholesome aspects of the plant world.  Amy Stewart's book "Wicked Plants" is the inspiration for this workshop on toxins, poisons, and plants that misbehave.

The Spirits of our Hearth & Home

This workshop will focus on those spirits that share our personal hearth and homes with us.  Household spirits were once venerated, respected and at times feared by our Ancestors, but what is it that we as modern Pagans know of them, what types of relationships do we have with them and how might we build better more meaningful relationships?  Join me as we discuss the power and importance of Household Spirits! 


The Proto-Indo-Europeans, the ancestors of most of the cultures from Iceland to India, had a powerful and beautiful culture of their own.  This workshop will present what we know of one part of that culture, the religion.  The emphasis will be on its cosmology, with forays into ritual and the divine beings.