This room will be used for the vast majority of the sessions.

Main Ritual

Over the past few years, we have had many notable deaths within and without of ADF.  Tonight we will focus on our ancestors and make sacrifice to them, and remember them.  Please bring offerings for the ancestors, and stories to share about your ancestors.

Crafting Rites of Passages

Our lives are filled with moments of transition. Some, like birth, marriage and death, have complex, socially influenced secular rituals associated with them. Others, like the onset adolescence, are less widely recognized in American culture. In this workshop, there will be a discussion of the various types of transitions and their secular and religious observances. After looking at the types of life events that could be considered a rite of passage, there will be a discussion of how to craft rituals that support individuals going through those transitions.

Inclusive Heathenry

This past October, the Troth hosted a conference on Inclusive Heathenry call Frith Forge in Werder, Germany.  The event included leaders of groups from around the US, Canada, and Europe.  This workshop will be talking about what was learned at the conference, and how we can promote Inclusive Heathenry and international cooperation.

A Ritual to Honor Freyja

This ritual is designed to help bring people into contact, or deepen their connection with the Lady. Patricia Lafayllve uses basic blot structure to lead a guided meditation based on Freyja's name. This ritual is designed for all skill levels and for anyone, beginner or experienced, who would like to connect with the Lady.

Freyja, Lady, Vanadis: An Introduction to the Goddess

Patricia Lafayllve, author of Freyja, Lady, Vanadis: An Introdution to the Goddess and Freyjasgythja, brings what is known from the remaining source material to bear in this discussion of Freyja. This complex deity was known as the "blot-gythja," or "Sacrifice-goddess," and reigned as one of the Vanir living in Asgard. If there is time, some discussion of unverifiable personal gnosis (UPG) will be included.

Death, Bereavement, and Us: Supporting each other on the edge of Forever

     What do you do when death ripples through the communities you are part of?

     How do you respond when grief and bereavement tears apart people, 

     their lives, and their community bonds?

How can you rise up to help others in an environment where death has become institutionalized?

Come join me as we journey through these difficult yet utterly necessary concepts to come to a place of understanding and gain a better understanding of how to provide appropriate means of emotional and spiritual support in your community.

Consent Roundtable

With the rise of the #metoo and #timesup movements along with the accusations of child sex abuse by our founder in the early 70's, the topic of consent is in the forefront of our minds.  This roundtable will be facilitated by two clergy that have gone through the Cherry Hill Seminary Pagan Consent Culture course and will focus on what we mean by consent, and how to put that into action in our daily lives.