This room will be used for the vast majority of the sessions.

Music in Ritual (vocal)

Music can deepen ritual and trance, invoke spirits and honor the Gods. In this workshop, we'll learn how to effectively use "spontaneous song" and toning techniques -- and dare to be dorky while we're at it. It's not about performance or judgment, so don't be shy! If you feel more comfortable banging on something than opening your mouth, please feel free to bring a small item of percussion.

Blending Serenity Tea with Niniann

Almost everyone has too much stress in their life , and taking time to brew a tea that helps calms our nerves, is good for our adrenal system, and may even get rid of a few aches and pains is always a good thing. Serenity tea is a pleasant drink if you want to meditate, do ritual, just relax, or get some sleep. In this workshop participants will have hands on experience blending the herbs to make their tea, make their own tea bags, and even imbue them with a little magic. Everyone will get to bring samples home with them.

Crafting Devotional Objects

When something is used for ritual and devotional purposes, it becomes sacred.  The stronger the association with spiritual activity, the more powerful the object.  One way to imbue something with power is to craft it with intention.  ADF Artisans create such objects fairly often, but for those who doubt their own artistic skills, crafting one's own ritual tools can seem out of reach. However, most people greatly underestimate their own abilities, and only need a little direction and assistance to unlock their creativity and make something uniquely their own.